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Remaining at home may take a little bit of help and support, at PSHDC we offer a range of services to help with that. We listen to you and work together to tailor a package to offer you the best support so that you can continue to live safely in your own home.


Personal Care


Providing assistance with daily self-care tasks in order to maintain dignity and uphold clients hygiene and grooming standards. 

Domestic Assistance

In home assistance, with everyday tasks. We provide help with cleaning, clothes or dish washing, ironing, grocery shopping and help with paying bills.


Offering the opportunity for carers and their families to take a well earned and needed breaking from their caring responsibilities. Respite care is responsive and flexible, by providing an uplifting and positive change for the person receiving care. This service can be provided in the home, at another location agreed upon by the family or at a centre based respite facility.



We provide a leisure focused service to meet our client's need for companionship and social interactions, that provide the opportunity for them to access community services or other facilities and facilitate their participation in community life.




We provide the ability for our clients to attend doctor or specialist appointments, go grocery shopping or access community services through utilising our carers to escort our clients safely. 

Care Planning & Case Management

PSHDC work closely with the client, their carer and family as well as their doctor and allied health services. Through assessments, planning, facilitation and advocacy options we can effectively create a personalised care plan and specific goals to meet our clients individual needs.

Re-cooperation and Recovery

We provide short term packages to our clients. These are tailored to your needs and promote fast recovery from surgery or illness and maintaining your usual daily routine in the comfort of your home.


Long term packages are available for levels 1,2,3 and 4.


Both short and long term packages are government subsidised and we accept DVA and Private Health Fund clients as well.  

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